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Authorized dealer for UCS of A Co-Op products LTD Tech Update for May 21st of 2012

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Discontinued - Do Not Contact For Information, Thank You!

New Fuel Economy Product Now In Alpha Testing

Our development team is now field testing our revised Hydrogen System and is projected to move into Beta phase mid to late July 2012. Sales to the public will begin with the Beta version.

No product will be shipped directly to a customer or non-certified mechanic period! We currently have authorized installation centers in the states of New Jersey and Oklahoma. If you are, or know of, a certified mechanic interested in fuel economy enhancement please contact me, this is a big opportunity for those qualified individuals with the ability to recognize it and act.

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All or our Hydro Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC) customers will receive priority scheduling once we have an installation center in your state/province or adjoining state/province. All prior HAFC customers will also receive all necessary upgrades at cost. Our HAFC customers put their faith, backed by their hard earned dollars, in us and we will never forget or discount that fact, guaranteed!

Once in Beta we will not modify any vehicles still under a new car warranty. All car companies are now looking for any excuse to void your factory warranty. For example even if you have a bad transmission but have modified the engine in any way, they will deny coverage. We are negotiating with several Extended Warranty companies; once we obtain an equitable and affordable solution to this problem our customers will be notified through this list.

We still have not collectively agreed to a brand name. Any suggestions I would appreciate your input! The name we have suggested is The Hydro Kicker as in kick butt on the Hydrogen Enhancement Industry. Your suggestions would be most helpful and welcomed. HINT; you could very well receive a system gratis if your suggestion is utilized.

All for now on the technical side of things...

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