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A recent testimonial from one of our owner / operator customers:

I own a 2004 Peterbilt with a 550 HP Caterpillar C-15. When I first bought my truck I called Peterbilt and Caterpillar to see how I could improve my Mpg. Both told me to plan on 4.5 and if I was lucky, drove easy and used additives maybe I could get 5 Mpg. They were right; prior to my TDCC install I was averaging 4.5 Mpg. After the install of my TDCC 14” I am getting 5.4. A 20% increase in Mpg!

We are pulling hills more steadily. I used to hit the hills here in VA and loose speed as I climbed. Now I am pulling those same hills and not loosing speed. My Caterpillar never put out much soot. The only time I would see soot coming out of my stacks was on a cold start and under a load pulling hills. Now I don’t see any soot coming out of my stacks. At the end of the day the 14” TDCC has not only delivered on what was promised to me but has exceeded what I was told and my expectations.

Fuel Prices are going up but my customers won’t pay any more for their hauls because of the slow economy. I was feeling like I was caught in between a rock and a hard place. The 20% increase in Mpg is helping me stay competitive and keep more of the money I earn.

My IFTA Fuel Tax Report bill will be less now because my mils to gallons ratio will improve. When clients agree to paying a fuel surcharge the improved performance will add to my bottom line because of the 20% savings. Although I can’t put a number to these items yet I am very sure each will contribute to my bottom line because I added the TDCC to my Perterbilt.

As an independent guy running 2 trucks I have to watch my payables to expenses closely. I have a good dependable customer base but there is always a lag between when I buy the fuel, do the work, and when I get paid. The improved performance is helping me manage my business cash flow better and for that I am thankful.

I average 2,700 miles a week on my Peterbilt. Before the TDCC at 4.5 Mpg I used 600 gallons a week. At $3.49/ gallon I was spending $2,070.00 a week or $103,500.00 a year to run my routes. With my TDCC at 5.4 Mpg I am using 500 gallons a week. At $3.49/gallon I now spend $1,745.00 a week or $87,250.00 a year to run that same truck on the same routes. The TDCC is saving me 100 gallons a week which adds $349.00 a week, $1,396.00 a month or $17,450.00 a year to my bottom line. The unit pays for itself in only 2 months.

In all my years in the trucking industry I have never found something so impactful to my bottom line. I highly recommend this product to all truck drivers and anyone running a fleet of any sort. I’m telling anyone who will listen. Matt B, Mechanicsville, Virginia

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That’s all for now and thank you all for your support over the years!

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