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Update note of September 9, 2017

     Dennis Lee, President and CEO of Better World Technologies (BWT) & Dutchman Enterprises, agreement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is coming to an end. An agreement in which he would refrain from producing or marketing any technology products in America for a certain period of time.

     The FTC’s problem with Dutchman was the word “scientific” used in the description of their fuel economy test procedure. True to their corporate masters they had to shut Dutchman down. The product was their Hydro Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC) which utilized “Brown’s Gas” injected into the fuel system.

     The main concern of their Globalists masters was not the HAFC but the Pre-Ignition Catalytic Convertor (PICC) research project the HAFC sales were providing funds for. The PICC was expected to provide a simple and affordable way to provide 100 to 200 MPG with your current vehicle depending on the application. Stay tuned…

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