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Why purchase any costly supplements when the HALO photonic-botanical systems will deliver all the nutrients & botanicals your body requires to the cellular level at the speed of light???
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HALO MAX System Health and Technology Updates


HALO Bio-photonics systems & HALO’s Miracle (Pain) Relief Spray, Silver Sol Nano Silver Water, Nu Xtrax Reverse ageing formulations, Silver Sol Nano Silver Water, Nu Xtrax Reverse ageing formulations, Quick Restore Harmonizers & ROOT Brand Detox Products

HALO Apocalypse Information Updated:

All the following HALO Apocalypse systems are included in the new AP1 vial (PRO) or tube (MAX):

Reminder from the previous Update (Not medical advise!); Due to the Covid-19 PLANEDmic Mike created a formulation (contained in the AP-1 vial) to make all graphene oxide and spike proteins inert that may be present in your body, if you chose or were pressured (to avoid loss of income / career choice) to take the jab or even the swab up the nose.

HALO Micro-Clusted water monocule

WS – Structured Water – Micro-Cluster H2O monocles: You may use the HALO System to create HALO Structured Water. HALO Structured Water is a powerful H20 molecular structure that you and your pets and plants can drink on a daily basis to reap the benefits of all HALO's botanical and herbal extract systems. Just use the WS vile for 20 seconds on the exposed water surface followed by the AP1 vial to infuse your micro-cluster water with all the botanicals in the system in under 1 minute.

Note; if you use a gravity / carbon block water filtration system like Alexapure use your WS to micro-cluster the water monocles first, it sure cuts down the time to pass through the filter(s). After passing through the filters then use your AP1 vile to infuse all of HALO's botanicals into your water.

The HALO systems are an investment in your, your family, your pets & friends health and vitality. Compared to even a minor procedure in the Rockefeller created allopathic arena of cut, burn or poison putting the body under unneeded trauma and stress the HALO Systems are very affordable!

For a full description of the above systems download the new Apocalypse Owner’s Manual. For a description on all sub-systems download the Owner’s Manual that came with our PRO System

HALO Apocalypse Miracle (Pain) Relief Spray

HALO Apocalypse Miracle Relief Spray (MRS) has been formulated to quickly reduce and, in many cases, totally relieve pain and inflammation within seconds of application. It is a miracle at relieving stinging, burning and pain related to all forms of insect bites and stings as well as amazing near instantaneous relief from poison oak and ivy contact. Also excellent for burns and sunburn pain. There are 40 highly concentrated Amazonian botanicals contained in the MRS formulation.

I have a neighbor that recently went through a knee replacement surgery (bone on bone) and was told by his surgeon it would be 3-6 months before the swelling would go down and the pain would subside. Two days after his operation he called me in excruciating pain, told him about the MRS and took him a bottle. He used the entire bottle over the following 3 weeks, pain greatly reduced with him up and walking unassisted. One week later he was back to riding his motorcycle. His Therapist remarked that she had never experienced anyone healing even close to that quickly.

For more information; HALO Apocalypse Mineral Relief (Pain) Spray

For more information; Michael Thomas's HALO YouTube channel

Silver Biotics Silver-Sol Nano Silver Water:

Most silver water is colloidal, WaterOz was ionic now Silver Biotics is Nano

We believe a life well lived is a life lived in balance. To help our bodies maintain balance, Silver Biotics’ has worked diligently to develop an integrated series of safe and efficient daily-use products to aid in total body wellness. Ltd will be adding more Silver Biotics products once we launch our new website. For more information click the above link

For more information; Silver Biotics YouTube Channel

Nu Xtrax Reverse Ageing Formulations

The group of 13 scientists, botanists and formulators behind Nu Xtrax from all over the globe were only catering to the elite class (not for long now...). The group sees the writing on the wall and are lowering their formulations cost to accommodate We the People of the World.

Both products are formulated for reverse-ageing but also to open up and clean your hair thin micro-circulation vessels which is 70% of your circulatory system as well as dissolve any plaque build-up on the vessel walls. Both products work wonders on your pets as well, some of the testimonials (people & pets) I've heard on the calls are nothing short of awesome!

iHeRQles aka HRQ; That’s where iHeRQles comes into the picture. As part of its Healthy Reverse Ageing Solution, Nu Xtrax features iHeRQles as an exclusive new science protection plant extract technology product with uncontaminated premium food extracts designed and targeted for superior telomere support to promote biological cellular reverse ageing possibilities.

Liquid Gold aka LGQX; The science behind LGQX begins with a story from the mountains of Italy where scientists in the 1980s discovered a community with 300 people over the age of 100. The scientists discovered that the most important nutrients for one’s body were the missing ones from people’s diet. This may be the secret of high longevity of this Italian farmers’ community and the nutritional value of the unique extract combinations that are present in LGQX.

Yes, Nu Xtrax use MLM as their marketing method, as I stated before "MLM never again". With that said I have been using both these products since the end of May 2021 and could not be more satisfied. Researched Nu Xtrax extensively and they are solid. The fact that it does it's job as described I finally decided to share these formulations.

Their packages for iHercules; 4 bottles for $299 ($74.75 each), my suggestion is the 9 pack for $599 ($66.44 each) with Liquid Gold as your auto-ship $76 including S/H per month. They just started a bonus for auto-ship members which is one container of iRegenerate topical for scars, crow's feet, wrinkles, crepe skin etc. which has a retail value of $800 included within every 4th auto-ship.

I have taken the recommended dosage for best effects which is two sublingual (under the tongue) HRQ doses of 4 sprays each 15 minutes before breakfast and dinner with one sublingual dose of LGQX 15 minutes after dinner. After 3 months you may drop to one of each formulation a day as maintenance, however I have maintained the three doses daily since May 27, 2021. The other day I swatted a mosquito on my leg and my blood is now bright red and slippery just the way it should be. I suggest taking a pin and pricking a finger, the darker and stickier your blood is you need a solution to correct that issue ASAP.

For more information; Nu Xtrax YouTube Channel

Quick Restore Harmonizers - Energy Balancing Benefits in Minutes! (small affiliate commission):

Harmonizers are made from the best Earth minerals and provide quick relief from EMF sensitivity. All ages benefit by touching a Harmonizer. They are a gift from advanced & ancient knowledge. If you know about shungite benefits Quick Restore Harmonizers are far SUPERIOR to plain shungite alone and are MUCH NEEDED tools for everyone today!

Our harmonizing, grounding sleep mat is also great to place your feet on. It is thin / flexible & made from 5 of the most powerful Earth minerals. It is self-powered & starts working immediately on your body’s energetic balance.

I purchased the large grounding mat about a year ago for my bed and noticed effects immediately as well as a better, deeper nights sleep.

They offer headbands, shoe inserts, cell phone harmonizer disks & grounding mats.

ROOT Brand Detox - ROOT products support your body and strengthen the immune system naturally and safely (small affiliate commission):

I purchased their Trinity Pack and wow start slow especially with the "Clean Slate" drops. My suggestion is start with 1 or 2 drops sublingual before bed time and take it from there to avoid a Herxheimer effect (intense detox die-off)! Already using my HALO Pro daily I decided to back completely off, too intense detox die-off in combination with HALO.

For more information; ROOT Brand YouTube Channel

HR Line Health and Technology Combined Updates

Introducing The HALO Photonics-Botanical Systems: Ltd is a distributor for the HALO photonics-botanical systems and I'll tell you it's nothing short of Miraculous. From all the testimonials I have heard and read there is nothing it will not address other than a broken bone or severed limb (HALO will drastically reduce healing time). The inventor, Michael Thomas, a Master Chemist and Botanist cured his stage 4 leukaemia in 2009 with a tiny fraction of the power of todays PRO system. Note; the HALO does not cure anything, your body does, the HALO delivers the botanical frequencies your cells require at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) to the cellar level addressing whatever your health challenge(s) / issue(s) may be.

The HALO also does wonders to your water with the WS (water structure) vial. The WS structures the water monocle into a double-helix shrinking the H2O monocles to approximately 1/3 the normal structure size making it totally accessible to your cells. After using the WS for 20 seconds do the same with all the vials in your system to infuse your water with all the botanicals, drink & cook with your therapy as well (your body will crave it). It is reported by Medical Daily that 75% of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration guaranteed your body will love HALO double-helix infused water. My body certainly does, between drinking water, tea and ice cubes I now consume over a gallon a day.

In the current HALO Apocalypse system Mike has incorporated ALL the botanicals into one vial, the AP-1 (all purpose). What a time saver, do your therapy in two sessions two minutes each and structure and infuse your water in under one minute! Due to the SCAMdemic, Covid-19, Mike has created a vial (contained in the AP-1 vial) to make all graphene oxide and spike proteins inert that may be present, if you chose or were pressured (to avoid loss of income / career choice) to take the jab. This is not medical advice, if you have had 1 or more Covid jabs or the test they jammed up your nose I would strongly suggest you get a D-dimer blood test ASAP! This test will let you know if your blood is clotting internally and if so, act immediately.

Myself personally no longer purchase supplements saving $100 - $150 a month in that everything our bodies require is contained in the botanicals. You cannot overdose with HALO; the individual cells take exactly what they need at that time, all else just dissipates. Thing is how much of those costly supplements actually get to the cellar level, suggest you read this article Bioavailability of Nutritional Supplements.

It is not in the budget for a lot of folks, especially these days. The portable PRO system retails at $6,500 + shipping, we offer for $5,995 and absorb the shipping to US locations. Then there is the MAX (40-44 times the power of the PRO) designed for clinics which retails for $24,000 + shipping, through us it is $23,995 & again we absorb shipping the 110 lb. system to US locations.

If the cost is an issue consider getting together a small group of family, friends and/or neighbours splitting up the cost. For my candida fungal issue of 13+ years I don't use the direct light much now, just drinking the infused water keeps the fungal die-off at a manageable level. There are practitioners in the States that charge up to $75 just to infuse their patients 5-gallon jug, they love that the infused water alone takes care of their particular health challenge(s). Down here in Panama, we infuse their 5-gallon jug the first time at no charge, additional infusions are $25 each.

Concerning the vials (PRO) or tubes (MAX) the vial Mike used to cure his leukaemia is still just as viable today as it was in 2009, 13 years later. If you accidentally drop and break a vial Mike is no penny pincher, just let me know and he will replace it. If you have any questions just reply to this Update or use our Contact page with your phone number and best time to call. It will take sometime to get the HALO information on the website however the systems are available in our store now.

HALO infused double-helix water delivers all the above benefits to your animals and plants!

Better World Technologies (BWT), International Tesla Electric Company (ITEC) & The United Community Services of America (UCSA) Dealer Network:

Dennis Lee now Josiah David has announced he will be starting everything back up. Don't hold your breath in that he is on the downhill side of completing a project he's been devoting all time to for 5+ years now. He also lost his wife Alison back in December of 2021 just shy of their 50th wedding anniversary. Just consider this as a heads up and hold onto those ITEC Certificates. If your information has changed there is nothing I can do for now so please do not ask.

You see Dennis had an agreement with the FTC to abandon the ITEC, UCSA, HAFC & PICC projects in exchange for the Government to just leave him the hell alone. Well, the SEC shut down his current project before public launch 6 months ago so now it's Game On Baby! If interested. His-Story is here.

Water OZ Mineral Solutions:

Water Oz died back in June of 2020 never to be resurrected since Political Prisoner, David Roland Hinkson passed away on February 4, 2022 in Federal custody.

Concerning MLM's: Banners Broker, Amega Wands, Go Foods & Monitium

My sincere apologies to all of you that got involved with any of them!. Every one of them totally screwed their affiliates in one way or another. Never again will I ever consider ANY MLM suggested to me!

All Previous Updates Have Been Removed

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